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DEIB Training FAQs

Do you offer in-person trainings as well?

Yes, we do!

Prices vary per training depending on the number of facilitators required as well as the requirements for travel, accommodations, per diem, and space rental if applicable. We can work out these details over the phone.

When travel is required, we often prepare retreats or multi-day training experiences with our clients to make the best use of everyone's time.

What's your change/cancellation policy?

This is taken directly from our agreement:

In the event that either Party wishes to modify this Agreement, with respect to Training Date(s), Start Time(s), or Back-Up Date(s) (a “Change”), the Parties will work together in good faith to reach a mutually agreeable alternate date. The Change will be effective only upon written approval of the non-requesting party, which can be made by email.

The following policy applies to any Change if requested by Host:

If Host makes a Change within less than twenty (20) business days, but more than ten (10) business days, before the training date, Host must pay a Change Fee of 25% of the Action Class Fee.

For example: if the Fee for one Action Class is equivalent to $8,000.00;

Then 25% of that Fee is $2,000.00.

If Host makes a Change within (and including) ten (10) business days of the Session date, Host must pay a Change Fee of 50% of the Action Class Fee.

Cancellation by Host for Cause

The Host may terminate this Agreement upon written notice to the Trainer, if the Trainer materially breaches this Agreement, and fails to cure such breach within ten (10) calendar days after receipt of written notice of such breach.

Cancellation by Host Without Cause

If Host desires to cancel the Training Sessions for any reason other than material breach by Trainer, Host must submit a request to the Trainer in writing no later than twenty (20) business days prior to the Date of the Sessions. The agreement will be terminated only upon written approval by Trainer. In the event of approval, Host agrees that it will forfeit any and all Deposits remitted to Trainer.

Grounds for Immediate Termination

This Agreement may be immediately terminated and Host agrees that it will forfeit any and all Deposits remitted to Trainer in the event of (i) the Host’s breach of the terms of this Agreement; (ii) Host’s default on payment terms; (iii) Demeaning, Abusive (verbally or physically), or Aggressive behavior of Host, its employees, or affiliates, towards Trainer, its employees, or affiliates; (iv) threats of Harm made by Host, its employees, or affiliates against Trainer, its employees, or affiliates;

This Agreement may be immediately terminated and Trainer will refund any payments made for services not rendered in the event of (i) the death of Trainer; (ii) the inability of Trainer to perform the services because of a sudden and medically documented physical or mental disability.

However, no refunds will be processed in the event of the filing of any petition by or against Host or Trainer under federal or state bankruptcy or insolvency laws.

How much practice time is included in Action Classes?

Practice time varies; however, participants can expect roughly one-third to one-half of a training session to be spent in reflection, journaling in the DEIB Training workbook, real-time one-on-one practice, team exercises or some other form of interactive engagement.

Each DEIB Training is designed to engage a diversity of learning styles while also respecting the psychological safety of participants who may have active trauma related to the topic or hurtful relationships with fellow participants.

We do this discovery to learn about your participants in advance of every DEIB Training by using the Pre-Assessment, which informs how we deliver your training.

What are ideal group sizes for DEIB Trainings?

Groups sizes for DEIB Trainings typically range from 10 for small groups of executives or senior leaders to as many as 50 or 100 for trainings involving larger groups of managers and staff.

Is it okay to mix high-level leaders with all employees in a DEIB Training?

In many cases this is fine, and often encouraged, when employees need to witness executive leadership actively engaging in particular topics such as implicit bias or restorative communication.

For trainings around goal-setting, feedback, or meeting facilitation, we recommend splitting training groups by hierarchy so each group can receive content most relevant to them.

Why do you offer coaching sessions outside of DEIB Trainings?

Depending on your teams' availabilities, it can be challenging to book a full half-day training for large groups within your company.

Booking a 90-minute training resolves this, while also providing private one-on-one practice time with one of our coaches within 24 hours of the training to reinforce new skills in a safe space that doesn't involve a randomized breakout room with a colleague with whom they may not feel safe engaging.

We recommend this option when levels of trust and safety are less than optimal in your company, which we discover in your Action Class Pre-Assessment.

Taking this approach increases safety, and therefore a person's ability to be present, engaged, and able to learn and retain information at a higher rate.

Are the Pre-Assessment and Debrief Sessons mandatory?

Yes, with some exceptions.

If we're already familiar with your group dynamics and you're booking a training on short notice (less than 3 weeks), we can forego the Pre-Assessment.

The Debrief Session serves as a check-in measure with your HR or Learning Development Team to make sure the trainings are making the intended impact, and to strategize on appropriate next steps in your learning and development plan. It's common for insights from a previous training to inform the topic of a following training, and we don't want you to miss out on these valuable insights. Your team is likely already meeting to discuss the results, and having us there to walk you through Post-Assessment data and share insights helps you facilitate that conversation more smoothly.

How much advance notice do you need to facilitate a DEIB Training?

Minimum 30 days from the date of signing.

This gives us enough time to facilitate a pre-assessment, put the right facilitators in place, and modify course materials and/or the DEIB Training Plan to best suit your company's needs.

It's possible to schedule a DEIB Training in less time as part of an ongoing Learning and Development Plan with us, once we're already familiar with your group dynamics. In these cases, we can use insights from a prior training to forego the Pre-Assessment and help you compress time.


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