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A+ Strength-Based Feedback

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Who it’s for:

Everyone in your organization including those in executive, leadership, and manager positions.

Group Size:

Virtual: Up to 50 participants.

In-Person: Up to 30 participants.


Virtual: 90-Minutes with optional private one-on-one practice sessions within 24 hours of the main session.

In-Person: Half-Day (Up to 3 hours)


Virtual: Starts at $7,500

Training Overview

Although essential for personal advancement and organizational improvement, why do so many people dread, and even avoid giving or receiving feedback?

When people bring their past experiences of harm into a company without clear protocols that support honest, constructive communication, then assumptions, fluff, and “reading between the lines”, become your guideposts to get better…

In this DEIB Training, you’ll get a proven framework for giving and receiving relevant strength-based feedback that team members enjoy using, which will become a pillar for growing appreciation, action, and advancement in your company culture.

Participants will practice using this framework, and identify ways they can naturally embed it as a norm in their daily interactions without it feeling forced or sounding robotic.

Learning Outcomes

  • Make sure your feedback gets through to the right person in the right way, regardless of the setting, so your team members receive your communications in a zone of optimal learning, which means feedback gets received better and used more often.

  • Focus feedback to align a person’s strengths with a shared vision for success, so you can shift from authority to coach as you encourage mutual autonomy and advance one another toward thriving in your organization.

  • Learn how to structure feedback using consent and invitational language so you can create a culture of trust and positivity with your interactions, which reduces friction and prevents unintended conflict, even in potentially sensitive one-on-one and group situations.

So you know exactly what you’re getting:

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Enlightening and Actionable.

"I was struggling with how to be engaged in the conversation around implicit bias, prejudice, and privilege in a way that would support positive movement forward for people in our organization.

The Kemy guide you through it openly, respectfully, and with gentleness so the conversation becomes accessible and relevant for your organization."

- Julie Christenson, White Bird Clinic

“Kemy is a positive and engaging speaker that does a great job at being fun and inclusive when discussing a very difficult subject matter.”

Tristan, Audience Member

“Kemy creates a safe space for you to share, a safe space for you to ask questions that you probably normally wouldn’t ask, and a safe space to move forward inside of this conversation.”

- Lamarr Womble, Motivational Speaker

“This is one of the best workshops I’ve taken, and I’ve taken thousands of them! These core conversations are extremely important to have.“

- Tara M., Audience Member

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