DEIB Executive Coaching

Transformational one-on-one coaching that gives you the confidential space, equitable skills, and tactical support you need to THRIVE as a C-Suite Leader, so you can grow thriving teams and build thriving companies in the age of DEIB.

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Thriving Leaders Inspire Thriving Organizations

For too long, the vital connection between Leadership, DEIB, and thriving teams has been misunderstood.

Purpose-Driven Leaders and Lasting Legacy

Leadership coaching in a safe, confidential space, for those who want to make sure their legacy does more help than harm.

DEIB Executive Coaching is for you if you can relate to any of the following:

Your organization is exclusionary and won’t acknowledge it.

The C-Suite says they’re ready for DEIB, but they treat it like an afterthought.

Employees are begging for inclusion, but you don’t feel included either.

You’re pressured to win, but no one has your back.

Every team meeting feels like an emotional punch in the face.

Client Testimonial

Nanea Reeves, CEO

Client Testimonial

Joey Jenkins, CEO

Client Testimonial

Courtney Boddie, VP

Client Testimonial

Miles Dodge, HR Director

Who it’s for:

Purpose-driven C-suite executives, founders, business owners, and department leaders

Intended Outcome(s):

  • Shift from putting out "fires" to modeling equitable leadership habits that help you and your teams flourish

  • Personal and professional thriving while building an equitable organization where more people can live safely and thrive

  • Ensure a legacy of positive impact

Reported Benefits:

  • Increased sense of autonomy and ability to take time off, worry-free

  • Meetings actually go well

  • Improved overall well-being and life balance

  • Team members perform better and meet deadlines without ultimatums

  • Employees feel safe asking for help

  • Micro-managing goes away

Coaching Overview

Work with me as your dedicated coach with hands-on DEIB, leadership, management, and business experience to guide your journey and be your integrity partner.


  • Minimum 3-month commitment with the option to continue.

  • Up to three (3) confidential 60-minute one-on-one coaching sessions per month.

  • Up to one (1) 15-minute “emergency” or check-in call with messaging support between sessions.


Starting at $2,700 per 3-month commitment.

Monthly payment options available.

That’s it. If you’ve made it this far, consider this is your destiny.

Let’s Chat

Get to Know Kemy Joseph

Clients greatly appreciate Kemy’s talent to remove shame and blame from tense situations while asking the right questions that open new possible solutions. This makes him a highly sought-after coach by leaders who value positive energy and seek expertise in Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Belonging (DEIB), Change Management, Strategic Planning, and Professional Learning.

Kemy operates under the belief that "limitations are invitations." He specializes in helping clients identify solutions to their most pressing issues by uncovering and addressing barriers and limiting beliefs. He illuminates the path to progress through this approach, often concealed from self-view.

With over two decades of leadership experience, Kemy has worked in organizations of various sizes and collaborated with multiple Nobel Peace Prize winners to drive social change initiatives across 40 countries worldwide.

Trainings & Certifications

  • Bachelor's in Communication | University of Miami,

  • Master's in Brain-based Teaching and Learning | Nova Southeastern University

  • Education Specialist Degree in Leadership | Nova Southeastern University

  • Prosci Change Management Certification

  • WhyTry Resilience Facilitator Training

  • One Circle Foundation Facilitator Training


We are not acting as mental health counseling or medical professionals.

Our services are not offered as a substitute for professional mental health care or medical care and are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any mental health or medical conditions.

We are trauma-informed, but are not trauma specialists and will kindly refer clients out to other resources, if they fall outside their scope of practice.

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Looking forward to working with you!

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