“Best Uplifting Freestyle Hip Hop Performance I’ve Ever Seen!

It’s like an artisanal music experience for your soul.”

- Anonymous, Audience Member

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Hire Kemy J to Create an Uplifting Experience with Positive Hip Hop, Crowd-Sourced Freestyles, Laughter, and Good Vibes.

On-Stage Offerings

Full Band  |   With DJ/Drummer  |  Keynote & Concert

1. Hire the Full Band

Kemy J and the Elementals

Crowds LOVE our energy – hip hop fusion with a triple axel into freestyle positivity that keeps people moving and singing along.

2. Hire a Dynamic Duo

Kemy J and DJ

We bring our signature sound with positive remixes of popular songs that surprise and delight audiences.

3. The Ultimate Event Experience

Kemy J for a
Keynote & Concert

Elevate your event with Kemy J's dynamic keynotes on Trust, Resilience, or D.E.I.B. seamlessly paired with a sensational concert. Ignite the beginning of your event with a captivating opening keynote and conclude on a high note with an uplifting concert that will resonate long after the curtains close.  

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“Excellent! His energy is one-of-a-kind and smooth. His voice is anchored in power with a mind unlike any other. Kemy offers a unique gift of kindness that unites people. Today, we need that more than ever.”

- Joseph A, Audience Member

“I recommend that everyone experiences Kemy J’s message! Even with a couple of sound hiccups on our end, Kemy was able to adapt and engage the audience. The music was very uplifting, unique, and personal. It works in all situations and makes people smile.”

- Karen T, Event Organizer

“He was emotional and real, but also funny and entertaining. I was incredibly impressed by Kemy’s skills as a speaker and freestyle rapper.”

- Phoebe M, Audience Member

About Kemy J

Kemy Joseph has been described as a renaissance man and Joy Master. Born and raised in Miami, Florida, Kemy began performing as a freestyle hip hop and spoken word artist in 2006.

Since then, he’s been an educator in schools, a professional keynote speaker, and a performer on major conference stages across the U.S.

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Hire Us

Book a Event Introduction Call to tell us about your event, including your audience, venue, date, and performance budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are your fees?

Performance fees are based on your event and audience exposure. We’ll discuss this and more on our intro call.

What is Motivational Hip Hop/Inspirational Rap?

Kemy J captivates audiences with a dynamic combination of his two passions: motivating people + hip hop = Motivational Hip Hop.

His music is clean without being cheesy or preachy. Content ranges from deep and thought-provoking music to more “poppy” dance songs, all with a funky undertone to keep the crowd moving and grooving.

What is Crowd-Sourced Freestyling?

Kemy J’s performances are co-created with the crowd. He asks audience members to share answers on a topic and then smoothly freestyles a new song with a catchy sing-along hook just for them. No two performances are the same, so your audience is guaranteed to get a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

That sounds hard. Does Kemy J ever mess up?


Kemy J turns freestyle “mistakes” into opportunities for play and laughter, which is all part of the show. Kemy J is a trained improv artist and musician. The audience suggestions are woven into arrangements that are well-practiced in advance by the band and DJ.

Are your performances always interactive?

Yes. It’s what we do best. We’re not a background music kind of band.

Is your music family friendly?

Yes. We never use swear words or cover adult topics at events intended to be “family friendly”.

How big is your following?

Kemy J is a rising star that has performed in front of tens of thousands. We’re a live, center-stage experience with less emphasis on pre-recorded music and social media. We’ve spent most of our time touching hearts on conference and festival stages. Therefore, our social media following may be “small”, but our community is mighty. If you’re the kind of visionary person who likes to discover new talent before they make it big, then this is the perfect time to work together. We look forward to meeting you soon.    

What Else They’re Saying

“Kemy captivates and empowers the audience through his engagement, delivery, and articulation. Kemy reminds people that they truly ARE awesome and have self-worth, boosting self-esteem and creating memorable experiences.”

Rory B., Audience Member

“Eloquent & Motivational”

“He’s eloquent and motivational. I love his positivity and skill for drawing the audience into participation. I think connecting with others is sweet and his performance encourages people to interact with one another.”

- Melissa J, City of Eugene Parks and Rec

"We contracted Kemy J as our Master of Ceremonies — to be quite literally the face of PeaceJam in the Northwest. I have seen him stir laughter and light-hearted participation from the most withdrawn attendees, and reach profound depths with the most skeptical of us because he believes in the work of inspiring people to overcome prejudice and fear with kindness."

- Darren Reily, Regional Coordinator, PeaceJam Northwest

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